The Theeuwes Group has a long history. It was originally started as a flour milling company in 1900 in the Brabant village of Gilze-Rijen by Jan Baptist Theeuwes, who was succeeded by his son Jan Theeuwes in the 2nd decade of the 20th century.

Starting in the fifties of the last century, the third generation, Tiest, Gerrit and Leo Theeuwes have expanded the family business, both as to the nature of the activities as well as the international aspect. In the following decades, the Theeuwes Group has grown into a holding company with several subsidiaries at home and abroad.

Since 2004 the fourth generation has been leading the holding of the Theeuwes Group. The subsidiaries of the holding are primarily active in the trade, production and processing of agricultural commodities worldwide but mainly in Western and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to more than 100 year history and experience of the family business combined with the many experienced and professional employees, the Theeuwes Group has grown into a very reliable all round partner for all the activities in the agri industry. Therefore, the Theeuwes Group would like to invite you to become one of its partners.

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